Corporate Massage

Besides the various massage treatments I provide at my home-based massage practice, I also offer massage treatments at your workplace. There is a growing trend for companies to invest in the well-being of their employees. There is considerable evidence that a healthy investment in the well-being of your employees can have a positive influence upon your organization.

In so-doing, you are not only preventing or reducing the risk of absenteeism, but you are also making a valuable investment in your employees, motivating or rewarding them before, during or after potentially busy or stressful periods at work, or upon reaching certain company targets.

What are the benefits of in-company corporate massage?

  • Reduces work stress
  • Prevents (onset of) physical discomfort and RSI complaints
  • Happy and motivated employees
  • Fosters a positive atmosphere and greater work efficiency

You should know that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) encourages companies to invest in the well-being and vitality of their employees, with a view to reducing absenteeism and sick leave. The costs to your business of providing corporate massage fall entirely under operating costs and are exempt from payroll taxes, under the following conditions:

  • Corporate massage is included in the Health and Safety Policy  ( Arboplan )
  • The massages form a reasoned component of the Health and Safety Policy ( Arboplan )
  • The corporate massage treatments take place during office hours
  • The employee does not pay for/contribute to the massage service

Interested to hear more about in-company corporate massage?
I would be delighted to make an appointment with you, to discuss options and wishes, without any further obligation on your part. I can be reached at the following telephone number: 06-45266200, or please send an e-mail to: